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Quality Used Equipment at Wholesale Prices

We buy and sell heavy-duty forklifts that lift capacities of 3,000lbs to 80,000lbs, to stacking containers, warehouse equipment, heavy equipment, construction equipment, skid steers, and more. We specialize in having high end, late model equipment that is mechanically sound.

Dealer-Ready Equipment

Vincent Industrial Dealer Ready Lift

All of our dealer-ready equipment goes through an in-depth inspection of each forklift from the rear counterweight to front forks, and gets new paint and any repairs needed.

Wholesale Equipment

Vincent Industrial Dealer Wholesale Lift

Our wholesale equipment comes in a variety of conditions. All of our wholesale equipment comes with quality inspection reports so that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

We Ship Internationally

We have equipment located all over the country, and we ship to the U.S, Canada, and Mexico.

We have a wide variety of used equipment available at wholesale prices. View our listings.